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Santa Chiara Masquerade Ball featuring Cortigiane a Palazzo

Experience an unforgettable enchanted evening of fine dining, opera, entertainment and dancing till the early morning in a medieval Glass Cathedral

The Glass Cathedral Presents:
The Courtesans at Palace: Santa Chiara Glass Slippers Masquerade Ball

III° edition
Friday, February 21st 2020

Great news for 2020!
Double year, bissextile two big dances for the price of one!
"The Glass Slippers" will host "Cortigiane a Palazzo"

A double event, a unique and unrepeatable emotion.

Live a day, from dawn to night, of a Venetian courtesan, who will dance, have fun, love in the midst of a sea of ​​crystals and sensual reflections. The courtesans, charming and lewd women were not only prostitutes, but sometimes women of power, who conditioned the political and economic life of the Serenissima. Veronica Franco, the most famous of the courtesans, collected among her lovers Jacopo Robusti, called Tintoretto and more than one doge whom we will not mention for historical confidentiality.

It will not be a simple party, nor a theater show.

The protagonists will be the guests and only them.

The life of a courtesan in every moment: the awakening, the make-up, the dressing, the market, the dances, the game, the eros. You will gamble at the "Casin dei Nobili", winning new emotions and dancing all together, from the Minuet to the wild dance music after dinner, guided by skilled masters and bewitching handmaids.

No plans, no ladders, only freedom.
Freedom, fun for everyone: "semel in anno licet insanire", was the motto of the Serenissima.

Behind the mask, a nobleman or a farmer can hide. But often deceptions, disguises will go further. Watch out ladies and knights, watch out ...
Michelle Ferrari is the courtesan of this year!

The Venice Carnival is an unforgettable event worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime.
Our masquerade ball will transport you Into A Fairy Tale.
A place without time but filled with Magic, Romance and Desire.
Fantastic colors, costumes and a spectacular glass blowing performance.
Our music will start from the 18th century and finish with an international DJ set.
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall which is the fairest Ball of them all?

The Glass Slipper’s Ball will be an unforgettable evening and offers something for everyone, whether you attend our Royal Dinner served on our amazing Ca' Rezzonico noble floor or if you decide to join us for the After Dinner Party.

A journey through the centuries, we will start with classical music from the 17th and 18th centuries and will heat things up in our Furnace with a DJ set keeping you dancing until 3.00 am


How to reach the meeting point:
- Departure from Fondamente Nove at 7:45 pm
(Dock A - stop to Burano)
- Return at 02:30 am to Fondamente Nove, Tre Archi or San Giuliano Park

For people wishing to make their own way to the venue from Fondamente Nove you can catch the vaporetto public boat No. 4.1 - 4.2 in the direction of "Murano" and get off of the water bus at "Colonna", the first stop on the island of Murano.
From the boat platform, follow the street that runs slightly to the right and turns inside of the island along the canal, this is Fondamenta dei Vetrai.
Cross the first bridge on the right, turn right at the foot of the bridge go forward until you pass through the large metal gates and take the first street on the left.
The Ex Chiesa di Santa Chiara will be on your left.

For further details send us an email ->


• Welcome drink starting at 20:00
• Glass Blowing Show “Love in Glass” with 2 international glass masters create a unique Artistic Glass Sculpture in front of you
• Fantasia of appetizers
• Access to the Noble Floor “Ca' Rezzonico” for the Royal Dinner at 21:00, during the dinner there will be various performing artists
• Open Bar with free Prosecco, beer and soft drinks (super-alcoholic drinks are € 10,00 each) accompanied with Frittole and Galani
• Grand Masquerade Ball with International DJ set until 03.00am



Friday 21st February 2020 from 8:00 pm to 3:00 am
Ex Chiesa di Santa Chiara, Murano
Italian English

Essential Information

Exceptionally only for 2020, bisestile year, our guests will enjoy two events with a single ticket!
Two great historical balls, with all their artistic animations, at the cost of only one!
Double year, double event in a dream location!
The sensuality of "Cortigiane a Palazzo" and the lovely madness of "The Glass Slippers", all together in a magical night.


Historical venetian costume or evening / elegant dress with mask


• In the event of any allergies or dietary restrictions, please advise us in advance.
• All woman attending the Ball will receive a Souvenir of the Evening to prove that it was not just a Dream.



€ 320,00 per person
from 20:00


€ 110,00 per person
from 22:30


Ex Chiesa di Santa Chiara, Murano

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