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Carnival Costume Hire

We work with several high quality Ateliers who provides a wide range of hand-made Carnival Costume and Accessories in precious fabrics; on our website you can find a good selection and opening the small photo icons you can see the rental prices, but we have many more costumes to offer at the Ateliers.

Once you have an idea of what costume you would like we will put you directly in touch with the Atelier and they will contact and confirm details with you directly.

To reserve a Costume the Atelier will ask for a deposit or full payment, so they can confirm your reservation and schedule your appointment at the Atelier with your fitting-session.

We work just by appointments during Carnival period, that's to let people try the Costumes and choose their accessories followed by our professional assistants.

When in the Atelier you can try the pre-reserved Costume and maybe choose something else if you don't like it too much and if id doesn't fit allright.

Early Booking: Those who decide to take advantage of our Costumes rental service, booking within the 1PM of the 1st December 2014, will have a traditional venetian cape included in their rental service price.

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