Magnificent Doges Palace and the secrets of its prisons cell

The Doges Palace "Palazzo Ducale" is a magnificent combination of Byzantine, Gothic and Renaissance architecture, the centre of the Venetian Empire and the seat of the Venetian Government.

It was once the residence of the Doge, the elected ruler of the city. Listen to our informative guide as you pass through its lavish chambers, which display masterpieces by Tintoretto, Titian, Veronese and Bellini.

Hear about the different roles played by the Doge and his counsellors, be entertained by our informative guide and learn about the history of the Venetian legends as you walk through the eerie, narrow passageways towards the prison cells whilst learning about the prisoners and of course, Casanova, perhaps Venice's most famous and intriguing escapee.

If you wish to spend more time inside the Doge's Palace independently after the tour your museum pass will allow you to do so.

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06 March 2014
Fare price and overall good value for money. Guide did go on a bit and needs to focus a little more on being organised but this was for our advantage at looking at more of the area in greater detail. Length of tour was also about right and we learnt more about the paintings and Doges, etc we would recommend this trip and coincide it with St Marks Basilica tour.