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Welcome to Venice Carnival 2015 - Official Venice Carnival 2015 Authorized Agent
- From 31st January to 17th February 2015 -

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Venice Events sell tickets for the major Venice carnival parties and collaborate closely with other event companies ensuring we offer the best events in Venice. We also offer our own special events and are happy to see clients returning each year.

The company started with organising weddings and events, gradually building up experience towards larger more complicated events and eventually expanding into Carnival Events.

We are proud to present our new programme of events each year. On average over 3,000 event tickets were sold in previous years.

Most Important Carnival 2015 Events

All Venice Carnival 2015 Events (check regulary for new events)

Venice Carnival 2015 - The Enchanted Palace

490.00 €

The Enchanted Palace

4.83 (6 Reviews)

Attend one of the most important Venice Grand Balls of the year - The Enchanted Palace - superbly decorated, top class entertainers and actors, music and dancing... Plunge into the story of Count Belvedere with the inter...

Venice Carnival 2015 - Grand Feast of the Gods

490.00 €

Grand Feast of the Gods

5.00 (5 Reviews)

Dressed for the event, you will enter into another era, inspired by Venetian painter Giovanni Bellini's last painting “The Feast of Gods”. Our guests will be immersed in the story performed by a group of ...

Venice Carnival 2015 - Saint Valentine's Grand Masquerade Ball

550.00 €

Saint Valentine's Grand Masquerade Ball

5.00 (2 Reviews)

Saint Valentine's Grand Ball takes place in a private home richly decorated and furnished and the most charming Venetian palace on the Grand Canal. A warm welcome awaits as you are met by our Actors dressed in tradit...

Venice Carnival 2015 - Essence of Carnival

220.00 €

Essence of Carnival

0.00 (0 Reviews)

On the most active weekend of Carnival, your day will begin with arrival to the elegance of Palazzetto Pisani-Ferri. The palazzo overlooks the beauty of the Grand Canal, between the Accademia Bridge and Piazza San Marco,...

Venice Carnival 2015 - Dolce Carnival! Sweet Carnival!!


Dolce Carnival! Sweet Carnival!!

5.00 (1 Reviews)

Indulge in the true decadence of Venice and delight your taste buds on this unique and tantalising evening! Includes: Gondola ride in costume, visit to privately owned palace overlooking the Grand canal. In these elegant...

Venice Carnival 2015 - Learn how to dance the Minuetto


Learn how to dance the Minuetto

5.00 (1 Reviews)

Learn how to dance the Minuetto and enjoy the hospitality of the Count & Countess in the elegant surroundings of their Palace. Built in the 16th century this beautiful ancient palace overlooks the right bank of the G...

Venice Carnival 2015 - Mascheranda Grand Ball

230.00 €

Mascheranda Grand Ball

0.00 (0 Reviews)

In the magical night of the Carnival of 2015 , candlelight in the most charming Palace of Venice, facing the Grand Canal, among precious scenes and the 18th frescos, you'll be the welcome guests at the Mask Ball &quo...

Venice Carnival 2015 - Hot chocolate in my palace


Hot chocolate in my palace

4.17 (6 Reviews)

Enjoy arriving at my palace on the Grand Canal, either by water or the maze of alleyways, and when you arrive you'll be warmly welcomed by friendly hosts.  An afternoon of company and the obligatory...

Venice Carnival 2015 - Secrets of Venice Carnival and the Life And Times Of Giacomo Casanova

40.00 €

Secrets of Venice Carnival and the Life And Times Of Giacomo Casanova

5.00 (1 Reviews)

We meet at La Fenice opera house and our entertaining tour starts by following Giacomo Casanova's footsteps, taking you back to the Venice Carnival of the XVIII century. On this informative and fun walking tour, our ...

Venice Carnival 2015 - Carnival Pub Crawl

45.00 €

Carnival Pub Crawl

4.50 (2 Reviews)

What would Venice be without a bar hop, this amazing city is already outstanding with her magnificent palaces, churches and architectural monuments and yet we noticed that there was something missing!! A great alternativ...

Venice Carnival 2015 - Overview of Venice

25.00 €

Overview of Venice

0.00 (0 Reviews)

This tour is real favourite with our clients, and an absolute must for the first time visitor. Enjoy a relaxing 2 hour guided walk away from the main tourist sites and crowds. We make our way through the labyrinth of ...

Venice Carnival 2015 - Murder and Mysteries Tour

23.00 €

Murder and Mysteries Tour

4.00 (1 Reviews)

Discover an entirely different Venice as we make our way through a labyrinth of narrow alleyways, where shadows linger and footsteps echo. Imagine a dark silent Venice with no lighting, eerie and spooky. Learn about t...

Venice Carnival 2015 - Carnival Photography Tour

65.00 €

Carnival Photography Tour

0.00 (0 Reviews)

On this creative, informative and interactive guided photography tour, our professional photographer will instruct you on how to take expert photos in some lesser known but equally enchanting parts of Venice. All you ha...

Venice Carnival 2015 - Wine tasting and dinner in elegant surroundings

120.00 €

Wine tasting and dinner in elegant surroundings

0.00 (0 Reviews)

In the elegant surroundings of a very well known Venetian restaurant just a few minutes walk from Saint Marks square you can enjoy a four course dinner accompanied by 4 wonderful wines. Depending on your choice from our ...

Venice Carnival 2015 - Wine Tasting in Venice

34.00 €

Wine Tasting in Venice

0.00 (0 Reviews)

The region of Venice offers many of the best wines in Italy and if you are staying in Venice for only a few days and do not have time to visit the vineyards directly, we are offering you the wonderful opportunity to samp...